It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
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In the Beginning



Hi, my name is Mary and I am the person that runs the show behind the Spinning Box.  I have been a fiberista since 2009 that all started with three alpacas and quickly grew to a herd of 25.  During that time I learned a ton about hand processing fine grade fiber and moved into wools and silks.  Everything about fiber and color excited me and filled my soul.  Over a couple of years, I had spun over 100 skeins of yarn perfecting my craft.    If I wanted to keep spinning I had to move some yarns, because I could only knit so fast so I started selling at local fiber festivals.  The yarns sold quickly and people adored them!  I was hooked with both creating yarn, batts and dyed tops just as much as the joy it gave the customer.

In 2015 I started to play around with the idea of a fiber box.  I developed the silk box, the lock box, the blending box, etc.  I tried each one to see how my fiber friends would respond.  Though they all did quite well I felt a box should not be just about me.  I wanted to involve the fiber community in some way.  I came up with the idea of a fiber box filled with dyed and prepped fiber that was ready to spin and the best part is I would purchase it from some of the best fiber artists in the community and support their little fiber business.  I was off to work!  I gathered my fiber friends and the first Spinning Box hit the market in February 2015.   It was a HUGE hit and sold out in seconds.  And the rest is history.

Then in 2016 I thought it would be fun to do a breed/fiber sudy with raw fiber straight from the grower.  Now I was supporting the fiber grower too and that made me very happy.   We are on our 33rd breed study and have never repeated a breed.

Since 2015 we have supported over 150 fiber artists, 36 fiber growers and other types of artists from painters to diz makers.   We currently support 65 fiber artists who contribute throughout the year along with countless fiber growers.   Each month there are approximately 36 artists who contribute their fantastic prepped fibers from batts to roving to rolags to locks.  Along with the fun themes and the stellar fiber makes the Spinning Box a really fun, one-of-a-kind fiber box on the market today.

Stay tuned as we showcase our artists and their fabulous fibers.  Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. You are appreciated so much.


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