It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
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What is The Spinning Box?

The Spinning Box has a 4-ounce pack of professionally blended just for the Spinning box colored fiber to match the monthly theme.  You will also get a 4-ounce pack of a professionally blended combed top of a luxury fiber.
Each box has a fun theme and the colors coordinate with the theme along with some fun surprises.

Each month there is a Farm Focus. You will receive a one-ounce sample of the month's fiber and some raw locks from an outstanding fiber grower.  You will receive some information regarding the animal breed and what is the best way to, scour, spin and use the fiber. It's a fun way to learn, touch and spin different breeds.

You will also get a 1/2 to 1 ounce (depending on the fiber) of a fun fiber such as Soffsilk®, mint infused, pineapple, etc.  

How much does The Spinning Box cost and how long will my monthly subscription last?

The Spinning Box prices are $58 (the box and shipping) for a USA subscription and $68 (the box and shipping) for a Canadian subscription.  At this time we are not offering subscriptions to anyone but USA and Canada.

The monthly subscription is on-going until you decide to cancel it. You can cancel it using the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the home page or you can contact us at and request your monthly subscription to be canceled with no hassles.

When are the Spinning Boxes available?

Monthly subscriptions open at the beginning of each month until that months subscriptions are sold out.  There may be new subscription openings the next month. Please check back.

My payment went through...when will my Spinning Box be shipped?

All paid Spinning Boxes are typically shipped the third Tuesday of each month