It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
It's not just a fiber box... it's an experience
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What is The Spinning Box?

The Spinning Box is a box chock full or skillfully prepped fibers from top fiber artists in the fiber world. You will receive 11 to 12 ounces of prepped fiber in the form or batts, rolags, roving, combed top, for example.   Each box has a fun theme and the colors coordinate with the theme along with some fun surprises.

Each month there is a Fiber Focus. You will receive a one-ounce sample of the month's fiber and some raw locks, when available or combed top. You will receive some information regarding the animal breed and what is the best way to spin and use the fiber. It's a fun way to learn, touch and spin different breeds.

You can set up a  monthly subscription or buy a single box.

How much does The Spinning Box cost and how long will my monthly subscription last?

The cost for one Spinning Box is $49 plus shipping.

The monthly subscription is on-going until you decide to cancel it. You can cancel it using the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the home page or you can contact us at and request your monthly subscription to be canceled with no hassles.

When are the Spinning Boxes available?

Monthly subscriptions are available near the beginning of the month and, if there are any boxes left for the month, single boxes will go on sale closer to the shipment date.

My payment went through...when will my Spinning Box be shipped?

All paid Spinning Boxes are typically shipped the third Tuesday of each month. We will be shipping a week early in December so they get to you in time for Christmas.

Do I get fiber from every fiber artist in my Spinning Box?

Unfortunately no. Each month could have 25 to 30 fiber artists represented and if we put them all in one box that would be a big, and expensive box! You will receive fiber from seven to eight fiber artists in your Spinning Box.
I'm a top-notch fiber artist, how can I get my fibers in the Spinning Box?
Please email our Spinning Box coordinator, Mary, at and request information regarding becoming a fiber contributor.